New babies

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I'm starting a new grow, 5 lowryder plants and 3 white widow.I had 1 lowryder pop up today and 1 white widow should i put them in the grow room the same day they germinate?Would be thankful for any help.
it doesn't need to be same day, but soon after they pop up. You gotta remember that they pop out so that they can absorb light. The sooner they pop, the sooner they start strrreeeettching towards any light source, no matter how small.

What pops out first is your taproot. The longer the taproot, the harder it is for the seed to break its shell with the starter leaves (the sprout has wated energy to try and get a food source. If you plant the seed/taproot and not give it light, then you will get ALOT of stretching until you get adequate light on it.

good luck. i hope this helps.
Hi bea, does the above mean, as soon as any root shows, immediatlety place in soil, have I got that right? because yesterday i germinated one, this morning its showing tiny root , should I plant it now?

thanks Bea.


Thanks for your help,i,ve never grown indoors before so i'm a little nervous.I have 2 more White Widow that sprouted during the night.I also have 2 more Lowryders that came up in the afternoon yesterday and the shell still hasn't came off , any suggestions on what i should do?
Rasta:my rule of thumb is that once I see a taproot that's at lest 1/2 inch long, I stick it in soil (or whatever medium you use.

Slowhand:your shell thing... give it time and a bit of water and some light. You'll see, it will shed its shell quick enough.
Thanks for the information Bea.
There little helmets fell off.The 3 WW are looking great the lowryders look a little slow.Does anybody know if the lowryders can do alright on MH lights since they finish in 56 days from when they sprout or should i use my HPS light or both with the 3 WW plants?I have a 4 X 4 X4 grow room with 400W MH and a 430 W HPS light .I have enough room for both lights i think. As of right now i'm running the MH 18/6 light cycle.Thats what i was told by the lowryder breeder to flower them right out on that light schedule, then i thought i would go to 12/12 to flower out the WW.I should have 3 White Rhino germinate tomorrow and 4 more lowryders of a different breeder to add to the collection.

Thanks again for your help anything somebody wants to add i will listen to all advice.
Hi everyone thanks to Hick i'll show some pictures of my new girls i hope.(haha)Some of the pictures when they were a day old the last one's were this morning at 10 days.If any one has grown lowryders i would be thankful for any imput on the correct type of lighting MH or Hps?

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