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I’m almost filled back up to capacity
HAAAAAAA I can’t lie temperatures reached 27 last night one of my plants appears like she didn’t like it at all death is definitely knocking at her door she like 50/50 dead but still barely alive the rest of my plants are good
I’m praying hoping my apricot peach r grapevine clones come alive pomegranate trees propagate the easiest I probably got dam there twenty pomegranate trees now but let’s say pomegranates is 4 dollars a fruit if I sale to the market at a dollar a pomegranate this land oh land will generate money in low key fruit production shhhhhhh
I have 2 apple trees, 2 pair trees, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and my veggies. Love my Tomatoes and Peppers.
Wow we can’t grow vegetables here just fruit trees I have four apple trees two peach trees four apricot trees eleven pomegranate tree 20th century Asian pear tree mexicola advocado tree forget grocery bought fruit I’m saving money
Oh yeah I can’t lie my plants outside is sucking wind the cold is eating they add up but all I need to do is make it another week and the freeze threat will most likely be over I’m on pins and needles

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