New seeds dank:) or cank :(

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Sep 14, 2005
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i just bought some Nirvana Blue Mystic its a type of blueberry has anybody heard anything good about it.
Shit dude, I just ordered some of those. I liked the review on odor. I am the type to sacrifice a little quality if it don't stink up the place. Your the only one I seen ask about it. Everyone I read of wants White strains or really stinky straines. Not much NL or less pungent strains.
dat blueberry just be puttin u away. and u stay high for hours. and the TASTE!thanks any other comments would be appreciated.
Blueberry is premium weed for sure. It doesnt have a odor to it but will still m**s you up. Good strong stone that last for hours. The White Widow was slightly stronger, I think.

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