New Strains: June 2023 - Early Bird Deal, Limited Time

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Jun 10, 2021
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haarlem, Netherlands

As we have left May firmly behind us, it's time to reveal two more strains that are joining our ever-expanding seed bank catalog.

Into the sweet stuff? We got you covered! Into more unique flavors? We also got you covered.

And for all you early birds, we have an amazing deal for you: if you buy a 5- or 10-pack of any of the following strains, you will receive another 5 or 10 seeds, FOR FREE!

Check out our new strains

Ice Cream Cake

Can't decide between a visit to the bakery or the ice cream parlor? Why not both? With Ice Cream Cake seeds you can grow your own gelato pastry flavored weed. This way, you can enjoy the treat without having to cheat.

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GMO Cookies

But what if you are looking for a more unique flavor experience? GMO Cookies is the strain of your dreams, with a blend of earthy sweetness, dank diesel and pungent garlic. This mix of different aromas is accompanied by a soothing body relaxation, giving you comfort after a stressful day.

read more about feminized (NEW)

But don't wait too long, because our early bird deal is over before you know it. Order now, and start filling your cannabis garden with these amazing new strains!

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