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Mar 15, 2011
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Hello everybody:)

I've been smoking for 29 years, but just now finally make the committment to grow some myself. Good strains are readily availble here in dallas (recent purchases grand daddy purple, sweet island skunk, AK-47 & super silver haze) but I can no longer afford buying it.

I'm guilty of the sin that many here could probably confess to; I turned my wife on to the good ****, she loves lit, and my cost per month just doubled.

I'm starting off slow,growing five autoflowering plants in 2.5 gal pots. But I'm sure I will progress higher.
Weclome to MP. There's a few other Texans around here. I started out with a few autos as well. With good lighting you ought to get a good half oz each. If I were you, I'd read up. There's alot of good auto info on this site...
YEEE HAAA :lama:

welcome to the site...Wish I had a Ladie to share my Grow and smoke with...what a wonderful bonding time youll have togather...This is the right site to learn and improve your skills...Many great growers from all around the Globe..Just gotta Ask:aok:..Hope to see ya around the Boards..untill then..take care and be safe
:welcome: You'll find all the info here to grow the best weed you've ever smoked!!!!

I started with bagseed and miracle grow, I am now growing my own meds and loving are my friends LMAO! Read the stickies, check out the grow journals and form a plan, my friend!!

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