OK, How can you lose a food fight?

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Stoney Bud

Hey, piture this. You're high as seven muthas and some people tell you they're gonna start throwin food at ya.

OK, I gotta tell you right here man, I'm runnin around with my mouth hangin open. Oh shit, that looks like a moonpie, uh, uh, uh,,,,,,,,got it!

Freakin cellophane.

OK, hey, that's a hot dog.....looks like mustard.......shit!

missed it.

Hey, hey! Over here! now, now

Hey, look at that shit on my shoe. That kinda looks like cheese cake

OK, hey, no, it's ok, that part still looks good.......

Slaaaaaawwp! In the fuckin ear man. ****, that wasn't funny.

Hey, is that more cheese cake? Is that cherries? Hey, shit, that's a good shot man!

Damn, I'm gettin a bellyache.....

OK, I give.....I'm done man. I got take home. All the **** over me.


How do you figger that? How'd I lose?
indochoker said:
stoney ur soo high ur acting like ur on speed lol
I don't need no stinkin speed man!

Hell no, I'm way too freakin old to be doin speed. Shit, if my Doctor knew I was doin speed, she'd chase me for two miles.....I'd still win....Ha!

No, seriously, you should see my Doctor.

She's 6 foot 10.

She's really a very nice person.

She is VERY strong.

Big fingers too...........jeeeeeeez

The womens got an unnatural instinct to look into crevices. Kinda freaked me out until I got to know her.

All that white....I hate hospital places...

Best is to never get in one.
Stoney Bud said:
The womens got an unnatural instinct to look into crevices. Kinda freaked me out until I got to know her.

Last physical I had, I asked "what no dinner and a movie first?":D
Had my prostate checked. I kept lookin to make sure the doc didn't have a hand on both my shoulders. Then, when I got the bill, I was sure he did.
man i hadda get physicals every year when i played football for my highschool then i went to homeschool so i could get and work man those were the days gettting high in my truck before the game then throwing up after!lol!
the last time i had a physical i had sex a week previously (one of those times youre out of vaseline) anyways i had abig sore on the side of my footlong and the female nurse ask me if i had any sores or anykinds of pain. i replied i sure do right on my footlong . she then ask me to pull it out so i did then all the sudden it was in her hand and she was looking at it very close oh my god you wouldnt imagine what i was thinking that she was gonna do next. but nope she just said looks like we need to get a skin sample just incase it is a transmitted disease and i said nope thats okay i know exacly what it is . but anyway i had a good time telling the old lady about it when i got home and trying to hold her back from taking a visit to my docs lol.

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