Oxegen in the soil

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kind bud
Nov 8, 2008
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I'm sorry if the answer is near by......my question is.... Lets say I have a plant growing in soil.....would the plant benifit by injecting air into the soil closer to the main root system.................it may sound strange but does anyone know if the roots could recieved oxegen some how more better if by atificial methods the oxegen could be pumped through to the roots...so to speak....would the plant do better? If the root system wasnt phisacaly disturbed?
I was doing some general searching and it seems like putting oxegen into the dirt will increase yields. ..............I was thinking maybe a pot that had a porous tube of some kind that ran horizontaly through the pots soil close to the main roots......maybe two or three tubes....praportioned through out the pot.....maybe enough air would enter the tube to help give the soil more oxegen and better aeriation to the roots. Anyone see anything to this or just a waiste of brains...I think some people put hydrogen peroxide with there soil, going to have to search that some now...
A good mix of perilite in your soil will provide all the oxygen your roots need.
thats cool....I was just reading about smart pots also that was thinking along the same lines of more aereation....but theres' is developed for better root structure.... thanks for the heads up I need to get some perlite.....I might kick the idea around in my head a little longer.....
A air stone in the bottom of a pot of soil dries out the soil fast and does root damage. I found this out by experiment a couple yrs back when I tried to combined a DWC bucket and soil.
ozzie , very good, thats the kind of thing im wondering about to. looks like perlites #1choice so far...
I grow in 100% perilite, passive hydro, great results.

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