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Nov 21, 2005
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me and my twin brother made this account here to try to get some advice for growing in our closet, were 15 and live in portland oregon
hi hardrock.... Before I become an accessory...
Do your parents approve? Are they "aware" of your op'?

Are you aware of the possible penalties involved for your parents, if you are caught? With or without their consent/knowledge?
Welcome hardrockstoner, cool name.

I echo what Hick said. If you get busted for an indoor op (don't say it can't happen), your parents will suffer the consequences and you and your bro could end up in foster homes.

Grow outside this spring. You live in one of the premier area's in the U.S. for growing pot.
Plus you'll end up with WAY more weed (see pic).

Between now and the spring, read everything you can on growing. Get some hiking gea (boots/backpacks), and a trail guide. Get some seeds. Save $ for potting soil. When weather permits, hit the trail and find yourself a nice REMOTE location, near (but not next to) a water source.

And adhere to the #1 most important rule of growing pot: TELL NO ONE.

isn't there some rule or law about minors being ont his forum? I'm not sure if it might be in the terms of use...

I'm afraid that, in the US, helping a minor on a site such as this could fall under "aiding to the delinquance of a minor" or something like that.

I'm not worried about growing pot, not where I'm from anyway. but laws in the US seem regarding drugs can lead to extradition and severe punishment...

Hardrockstoner (and your brother), I wish you good luck in your grow ops and dreams, but I'm more afraid of your government (who censors and monitors the web) than I am of my own local police dept...
I hear what you're saying Bea.
And I will certainly abide by any decision Marpas makes concerning underage posters.
-99.9% of people who want to learn to grow have already smoked marijuana.
-Most likely they are already involved in the "black market" in buying it.
-There are a lot worse things that a couple of teenagers with spare time on their hands can do besides backpacking and stopping off on the way to water some plants.
-I gave the advice I did as an alternative to growing at home most likely without their parents permission.

I'm not telling anyone anything they couldn't read thermselves, without joining or posting.
The standard setting is thirdteen, if people agree to that they can register.

I want to raise that to 18 but I can't find it in the administration area, maybe I have to search for it in the templates.

Thanks for raising up this question.

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