Pistils not developing.

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Dec 6, 2009
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Hi MP family. I have this happening, the pictures are from the same mother plant, as you can see on one clone the bud has barely any hairs while the other bud is normally hairy. It is the second time i see this, and on 2 different strains and in 2 different seasons, summer and winter so i am sure it is not from the heat or cold. The first time it was on one main branch and all the sides from it, this time it is one entire plant doing this. The plants are otherwise healthy, i have several others in the same system that are fed automatically from the same res ebb and flow style. I wonder if it can be a virus or what else i have no clue. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!
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Well the first time this happened, the plants were not receiving a lot of nitrogen. This time i raised it a bit but i don't think it is close to toxic levels. Can N toxicity cause this specific deformation?
Looks like something sprayed on it that wilted the pistils.
i only sprayed monopotassium phosphate and milk for PM on all my plants and all the other plants were sprayed the same dose and time. last season the plant had all branches perfectly fine but one that grew all the buds like this. I chopped it out and the others just developed normally. In fact my PM problem needs a topic by itself. I will make a new thread about it and explain it in details.

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