Police say people who smoke weed have 'green tongues,' though there's no scientific evidence

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Gonna try a Weedhopper trick ...What is the green new deal?

Alright !its a new thread and people are not used to referring to that thread so hold on and I will transfer you to "Just ask Roster " thread
A green new deal is a deal thats so old and got so schitty it turned green" JAR
It is where you eat to many vegetables ant it give you the runs!

what does an ant with diarrhea have to do with anything?

wake up have some dam coffee

Stop talking about his little Weiner.😁

These two gentleman were called in when we referred your comment to " Just Ask Roster"
They were curious how and why you are aware of the size of said weiner.
They also asked if you were a victim of the " Victim who didnt mind" syndrome.
I said nobody is home ,all at the BBQ
We are all victims of Roster. Can't even bend over to tie our shoes.

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