Prescribed cannabis may be allowed into Ireland

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Jun 21, 2007
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The Department of Health is to examine plans to allow travellers from other EU states to bring cannabis products legally prescribed for medical use into Ireland.

Under the terms of the Schengen Agreement, which covers movement of people between member states, persons may carry narcotic or psychotropic drugs which have been legally prescribed for them for medical use.

Briefing material drawn up by the Department of Health for Minister for Health Dr James Reilly says that, while Ireland is not currently a full party to the Schengen Agreement, it intends to participate in certain of its provisions – including article 75 which relates to the carrying of legally prescribed drugs.

It says this would be “subject to a range of appropriate procedures and arrangements being implemented”.

The document says that the Department of Health has been informed by the Department of Justice that it should take the necessary measures to give effect to article 75 of the Schengen Agreement.

“The most significant issue in order to implement article 75 relates to persons travelling within the EU carrying cannabis products for medical use which have been legally prescribed in other member states,” the briefing note states.

“To give full effect to article 75, it would be necessary to put in place a legal mechanism to retain the prohibition on the importation of cannabis while permitting EU travellers to import legally-prescribed cannabis products.

“This will be examined by the Department during the current year.”

The note also states that, while a cannabis-based medicinal product – Sativex – was recently authorised in the UK and Spain as an add-on treatment for symptoms of spasticity due to multiple sclerosis, no such product has sought authorisation in Ireland as yet.

“Currently, the use of cannabis or cannabis extracts is prohibited under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977, except for the purpose of research,” the document reads.

“Expert clinical advice is being sought by the Department on the use of cannabis-based medicinal products. Initial contacts indicate that the evidence base for the authorisation of cannabis-based medicinal products has not been demonstrated as yet.”

Hi, I am from Netherlands, your articles is quite good news, Here its illegal to use, but for personal use cultivation is allowed, also its being sold in few cofee shops..

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