Prodigal Son Returns

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May 25, 2005
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I'm baaaaacccckkkk.
I was asked by a number of people, both here and PM's & Yim to return.
And Hick and I have for the most part ironed out our differences.

It was never my intent to start trouble. And look, the locked thread continued somewhat and look it blew itself out in 2 days big deal.

And I still assert that politics and pot are irrevokably connected.
Since many of us long-time growers have done time, and it's politics/greed that made it illegal, it's impossible to seperate the 2 (for me at least).
And I'm not just bashing bush. It doesn't matter to me what political persuasion someone is, if they link smokers/growers with terroists, I will bash them. Just like I have bashed the all presidents from LBJ onward for the continued rise in mj arrests and U.S. gov't policy towards marijuana is general.
But I will refrain from doing it here.

Now onward and upward.
Welcome back dude. Now we can go back to discussing how to grow pot. :D .

Glad you and Hick worked out your differences.
Welcome back. I am glad you are back, as many others will be. Once again all is well in the Land of Nod.

Cheers to you brother.
Pleased as punch to have you remain ganja. You are a valuable asset to this site. I'm more than happy to publicly apologize for any "personal" innuendos or harsh feelings sent your way.
Im with ya ganja, about the laws of mj are totally unconstitutional. I also hate insurance agents and bankers.... :)
WOOHOO:D! Im so glad to hear that. Welcome back man!!!;)
Hey Ganja, good to see ya back man. IMHO, you're politics are naive, but you love and know your pot!

Lets get all these newbies growin massive amounts of bud and plan for the nationwide MJ smoke out.

Come on, they can't arrest 20 million people in this country at once.
Change the Constitution. Re-Elect GW Bush for a third term.

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