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May 30, 2011
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Attitude has reliable shipping but a great deal of the autoflower strains are always old out and they're not very good at emailing you when they're in stock.

The following popular basic autoflower strains were sold out as of yesterday:
easy ryder - white widow - diesel - bluberry - ak47 - lowryder 2 -double diesel - G13 Lab and many many more - too many to post --- and about 1/3rd of all their pick and mix seeds are sold out!!!

This has been like this for some time since I check back regularly.
Time to go elswhere -- Who's the 2nd most reliable seed distributor?
(please don't tell me how great Attitude is). Thanks eveyone.

2nd most reliable???
I couldnt tell you. But I know the 1st most is

Then Herbies which blow Attitudes prices out the water. And Single-Seed-Centre people have had luck with.

Ive never ordered from Attitude where they didnt screw something up.
I have never had a problem with Attitude in the many many times I have ordered from them. They run out of product because they sell so much. They are not breeding these seeds themselves--they are simply resellers. If they are not getting the seeds from the breeders, they do not have them in stock. I do not run autos, but I have found that when Attitude is out of something, most of the larger more reputable seeds banks are out of them also.
I'd worry if they never ran out...... I'll wait...... patience is a must to grow your own medication.
Hemp depot (only takes cash/money order)
I have only bought from Attitude, Herbiesheadshop (Prices astonishing compared to tudes) and (I am sure their seeds are F2's)

I am in the Uk so all 3 purchases arrived within 3 working days and if I had to recommend one it would be Herbies.
I usually use Gypi Nirvana Seed Boutique and Ive also had a good order with SOW Amazing Seeds but they dont do freebies.

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