Roberta and Toyon need your help


Feb 7, 2013
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OK, so I made an account here a long time ago when my boyfriend was growing and I was trying to persuade him to use moon cycles for planting. I never convinced him. Anyway, onto now and he is back in Utah I am in Cali. He left me his grow equipment. I finally got the tent up and the light and fans. I have it in my sewing room and had to rip out the bottom of the tent to get it to fit. Also it's crooked. Hand sewed it back up, have a new tent on order. Joe doesn't know this yet. I have been running through money like water. I should have paid much much better attention to what he was doing rather than what he was producing! So I used youtube to learn some things, got my very expensive seeds and promptly fried them. I blame Joe just a bit for this as he told me lower that light and crank both modes on at once. I knew intuitively this was wrong, but I wanted those babies to pop the soil fast. First mistake. Two (out of ten) of those ladies survived Dante's inferno, one girl scout cookie extreme and one bergman's gold leaf. The gold leaf is a sativa/indica mix that already looks more sativa-like and is thriving like crazy. I named that one Roberta. The girl scout cookie is just struggling, she hasn't grown taller at all. I named her after my old girl scout leader, Toyon. Anyway, Toyon seems to be crying for help. Of course my second mistake was immediately planting these non-auto flowers in 3 gallon pots.

OK, onto new mistakes. Sooo, behind Joe's back I was so excited about doing it right and went ahead and ordered more expensive seeds. Stupidly non-auto late in season. Decided to germinate these in paper towels, it worked so well I left them in 3 days like a dumb shit. So the tap roots looked like unwieldy curly hairs or something, I will attach a pic. I should have sliced open my grow pellet and gently laid the curly root in there, I thought of that later. Instead I decided to gently cram the delicate super long roots with tweezers into the holes. Yikes. So there is my other huge huge problem. I now have these stretched out ladies who are all root just sticking out, some of them exposed root. They seem stressed but happy to be out of the paper towels. This is a feminized non-auto skittlez hybrid. So I will ask my questions now, thanks for reading thus far:
Should I do anything other than leave the stretched out seedlings alone right now? How can I help them survive?
I plan to grow Toyon and Roberta outside, so at what point should I move them? I have researched this and got 100 answers. They are fem non autos.
I have some feminized auto seeds on the way I plan on growing in the tent. I have room for 4 in tent, unlimited room outside. How should I plan for which 4 stay in the tent, more likely the non-autos, huh? Cause those I will have to strictly regulate light on later. Except I seem to have 9 nine autos sprouted right now. Should I just hold off on starting any more seeds right now? I want a harvest, damn it! I am in all the way, I may as well do it right. Patience seems to be the key, something I never worked on developing and wish I had. Also my listening skills. My tent temperature is holding steady at about 80 degrees, 50% humidity. I know that is too hot, right? Any easy suggestions for someone who can't do lumberjack stuff on how to bring the temps down. Right now I have the light pulled way up, light 24 inches, it just gets too hot any lower. It's a Mars hydro 600w with a growth and bloom mode. How the hell do I use that blazer on seedlings? I need to get a separate seedling light, huh? Using Megacrop plus I did buffer the coco with cal-mag. Using half amounts. Also I have a carbon filter fan and an infinity inline fan I just haven't installed yet. Ducting suggestions for an old lady anyone? I know at some point the air has to leave the room. Hate hanging crap up in there. New tent will have the separate side for vegging.

One last question, who can tell me the benefit of 24/7 light in any circumstances? One thing the youtubers convinced me of is 18/6, baby. Once I did that Roberta and Toyon perked up like crazy. I haven't told Joe that yet either.

Here's where I kiss up to get one of you genius gentlemen or ladies to speak up and help me! I love pot growers as they are just the coolest, smartest people, including my boyfriend, I want to shock him and make him proud. You guys always helped him so much, and I used to love reading here, too. But I guess I did not retain as much as I would have liked. Having said that I am a 57 year old woman who has smoked daily since age 16, back when brown Mexican brick was the norm and green weed was called "sinse" short for sinsemilla. First concert, Boston, Van Halen and Black Sabbath at Anaheim Stadium, summer 1980. Van Halen parachuted in. We smoked the brown weed and had to hide it from the ushers and security. I got super paranoid and wouldn't leave my seat as I thought I was gonna get busted. Good times. Anywho, enough memory lane time, Roberta, Toyon and the new babies need your help! I promise to take notes and pay attention! Thanks in advance.


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