Sacramento Hempfest: "All Legal" to Patients

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Jun 21, 2007
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Sacramento Hempfest is a 3-day celebration of medical marijuana, where you can walk in, get approved for a cannabis card and start medicating within a matter of minutes.

"If you do qualify, you fill out our intake form and you have documents that substantiate your ailment, absolutely. You'd be entitled to get a card, you'd be able to come into our 215 area and medicate," promoter Steve Makie said.

While it's called "Sacramento" Hempfest, it's technically just over the county line in Sutter County. FOX40 wondered how the dispensing actually worked and spoke with the Sutter County Sheriff's Department.

"Our particular zoning doesn't allow for the dispensing of medical marijuana within Sutter County, I've made that known to the promoters and he's actually not had a problem with that," Captain Louis McElfresh of the Sutter County Sheriff's Department said Thursday.

FOX40 asked the owners of "A Touch of Earth Collective" on Fulton Avenue in Sacramento how they could dispense in Sutter County.

Collective co-owner Daniel Phipps had this to say, "Sacramento County is where the collective is located. Sac County is 215 friendly and they're looking to pass an ordinance officially and make it fully legally allowed as a business."

FOX40 asked again, how a Sacramento collective could dispense in Sutter County, where it's not allowed.

"We're in the patient zone. You're in the patient zone? So there's only patients back here - so it's all legal to them," Phipps said.

There were no sheriff's deputies inside the zone where the dispensaries were set up, just those people with their cannabis cards and event wristband, like Angie Patton of Sacramento.

"It's unbelievable that it's normal now and we can come and it's not really like a social event and we get to smoke together and medicate together, it's crazy. I feel like I'm in the 70s, like a hippie," Patton said.


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