sad buds

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Feb 8, 2010
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round 2 ph to hi

Why are they sad? I believe the book Marijuana Botany actually recommends leaving leaf on to protect the bud.

"Dry floral clusters are usually trimmed of outer leaves just prior to smoking. This is called manicuring.

The leaves act as a wrapper to protect the delicate floral clusters. If manicured before drying, a significant increase in the rate of THC breakdown occurs." -Marijuana Botany by Robert Connell Clarke

I am trying this next harvest....
Said it before ill say it again...may be the only one but I trim my meds afterthey are dried

yank all the fans, chop, hang. Final trim each nug before the cure. Dont want my buds rubbing eachother on the dry lines before they are completly dry.
I have tried to do it like that, but it is just so much harder for me. I find it incredibly difficult to do a final trim after they are dry. I have to handle them so much more that I am sure that I am doing damage. I hang my buds on the lines so they do not touch each other, so that is not a concern.
I have my latest round of 7-7 HeadBand hanging with the leaf on...will give this a try. I know it is gonna be a pain in the asss to trim though.
i feel the exact opposite THG lol. handling when they are wet and fragile makes me worry about harming them. When they(leaves) are dry and hanging opposite direction, all u gotta do is flip it upside down and snip the exposed stem. Almost NO chopping action needed with scissor and ZERO carpal tunnel lol

the leaves will just fall off with a poke. No real cutting :)

PLUS! Buds are smokable while u trim :48:

i trimmed wet for years...ill never go back
Right OS?!

I mean its so nice to be able to burn while you trim! I think that alone seals the deal for me.

i forgot to do you wet trimmers dry your sweet leaf?

I used to throw away ALL my trim years ago because the huge piles were impossible for me to dry properly and i didnt make concentrates. Drying on screens and tumbling it everyday sure made my hands sticky and gave me another headache.

I just always threw away wet trim cause it started to smell green.

Dry trim is damn near smokable and instantly ready for processing!
My sweet leaf and smaller buds go into a plastic bag and into the freezer for hash runs...
Ok ill fix that for you guys. 1 sec
Arghhhhhhhhh! Wife cleaned up and i cant find them! Now she is at work...

I have 3 GC test printouts from the same grinded nug.

1/3 of the nug as a standard (4week since cut)

2nd and 3rd test consisted of storing 1/3 of that ground up nug in freezer for a month(8 weeks since cut); AND storing 1/3 of that nug next to freezer in same style container for one month.

We did this to see what effect freezing had on the levels of THC, CBD, & CBN. And we did the test 3 times. (waste of a nice 1/4oz)

I posted results a few weeks ago in a curing thread but instead of typing them again ill post the actual GC printout. ill make a thread as soon as a cannachemistry emails me a second copy or the woman gets home :mad:
I have done both ways and prefer trimming while wet.

Oh wait.....The wife does all the trimming....LOL:D
animal454 said:
I have done both ways and prefer trimming while wet.

Oh wait.....The wife does all the trimming....LOL:D
REALLY?? wouldn't "loan" her out wouldya'???... :p

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