Sea of Green

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Jul 18, 2009
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5x6x8' room; 4x4 tray + (2) 6"x4' trays

I have recently combined my efforts in attempt to make thing easier on myself. So I am doing one room of all the same strain for my 4 patients plus myself.

30 Lemon Skunk x OG#18 's. All within 4x4" rockwool cubes set atop expansion slabs. Currently vegging at 2 feet tall, they have a few more days until the flip. They will reach 3 feet by 5 days and will be set on their 12/12 path to becoming 5-6 foot monsters. :D

This time i am going to try and keep some good progress pics and not just post the end result.


looking good kushman yh i try to only run 1 strain per res. can really tune in that way
Yea the SFV is a little more of a stretcher, plus the mom was behind on clonage material when i needed the clones so i took all i could from my lemon skunk x og gonna miss the SFV for a few months but i think ill get by. ;)

Sucks cause both of these strains DO grow good together using the same res...alas time did not permit.

the way the cookie crumbles..i luv my og xcited to see wat the lemon skunk bring to the table
I'm so bad at updates:hitchair:
Dude looks awesome update whenever you can you must be busy!
This room finished and I didnt even get a finished picture :( I actually had some root rot and this was the last time I did a wool on wool grow in a 5 time daily ebb n flow.

Sorry guys
sorry to here about your root rot but i will be here watching
Nice.... and good to see someone not confusing this with a SCROG grow like they do. nope, this is a Sea of Buds and thus Sea of Green. Love everything your doing bro, looks like your otw to a nice harvest. cannot wait to see the buds a swaying...
How may plant in you sea of green, what size grow space and what size pots do you use for this type of grow. Are they autos and all the same strain. Sorry maybe I should look back for some answers…

In the second set of photos from 2022…
6” Rockwool cubes
All OG kush

The thread is 11 years old now so it was kind of a joke. Obviously not the same grow anymore 😝not even the same grow room or house 🤣
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I felt the thread was a let down so I had to kinda redeem myself hahaha and since I recently did a LST/Screen/Sea of green style with no intro I felt it was a good place to end this post.


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