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Aug 17, 2005
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I am germinating a seed in a glass of water. all my other seeds only took 2 or 3 days to split. this one is on day 7 and no split is this normal or should I start a new seed? it is from some really great weed and dont want to give up but dont want to lose time. thank you!
some seeds take some time, not all the seeds are going to germ at the sametime, i had seeds germ in 2weeks.
Ive just put a couple seeds in a glass of water to germ. This is the first time im trying to germ in water. I usually just plant straight into soil. So my question is do seeds nomally float? Thanks
some ppl say that seeds that float are no good... i don't believe that at all.

Some seeds will sink right away, others will float. Some floaters will sink after a couple of days, some will sink once you push them, some will just germ at the surface.

Give it time, let it germ. There doesn't seem to be a "normal" IMO
Cool.. Thanks alot for the info BeAr. Ill just let them float and see what happens. Also they should be placed in a dark warm place correct?
its better if your do place them in a warm dark space. Personally, I've had success germinating under a CFL (very bright light, some warmth), on top of the fridge (somewhat dark, but nice and warm), and in a corner in the garage in spring (not so warm, light on and off depending on the day. Neither of these conditions have been detrimental (sp?), never allowing more than one dud seed, if that many.

With good seeds (or most seeds for that matter), you should see above 90% germination rate (n ow I'm not saying they'll all be female...)

good luck to you.

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