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May 25, 2005
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Took down my first girl of this season a few minutes ago.
It wasn't as mature as I usually harvest at, but I've got 5 nearly indentical plants (from the same donor), and I wanted to get different highs from them so I got out the snippers and nipped it, nipped it in the bud. So on to manicuring.
Here's a manicuring tip.
You know how, when manicuring, your hands get so sticky that after awhile they get so much resin your hands turn into useless claws?
Here's the best way to get that stuff off.
First, rub your hands together. Resin will sometimes form balls or thin "sticks".
That's hash baby.
Then get a thing of spray butter, margerine or oil (like I Can't Believe It's Not Butter). Spray it on your hands and rub them together like your washing them.
Then use a grease-cutting dishwashing liquid (like Dawn).
The oil loosens the resin and the dishwashing liquid removes the oil.
You'll usually get some more hash off and you can save this to smoke or cook with.
Rubbing alcohol will clean your sissors right up also. I keep a bottle and a towel on the table when I'm trimming.
Damnit Guru. Ya made me cave in. I was jealous so I went and cut one of mine early. This one only had the top bud left anyway. Hehe.
90 grams wet.




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