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May 25, 2005
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Following by 3 days of the rock icon The Rolling stones at The Super Bowl, Paul McCartney rocked the Grammy's.
The first song he did, off his new album, was insipid.
But then he strapped on his trademark Hoffner violin-shaped left-hand bass, and got down to business.
He did a Beatle's classic and quite good too. He still has it.
Most of his stuff since Wings sucks, but I forgot about that when he belted out Helter-Skelter.

Rock on Mick and Paul.
Ganja, your a beatles fan. I Been one since I was a kid. Did you or anyone else here hear that whole Paul Macartney is dead radio broadcast? It was like an hour long talk broadcast about how he died in a car wreck before Abbey Road. I know old myth, just wanted to know if you guys heard the radio thing? So few people I talked to have. I got it on cassette somehwere around. I'll dig it up if I can find it. I'll find a way to rip it up to a MP3

Favorite will always be "the long and winding road" just got memories behind that one.

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