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hey Home depot links don't work right.

better to drop the Product ID number or the product name. I'll do a search on HD.

I also put up the GrowFAQ odor control in the growroom setup section. ;)
Internet # 169075
Catalog # 100341686
Store In-Stock SKU # 103438
Store Special Order SKU # 103438

or just got to in search box put air filter
If your willing to pay that. go to a hydro store and get a carbon scrubber. Or build one. nothing competes with an activated carbon scrubber. Hydro stores make em and state the size that will fit your grow area. It will also act as your output ventilation if you seal your room. put a stanley blower for intake. IMHO.

There is a million and one posts out there in all the forums that can show you how to make one too.

Those untis are nice and all, but they are designed for living space not processing massive amounts of "dank" dust. you'd be cleaning that filter a lot.
to buy most hydro stores

to make:

Here is one. just google homeade carbon scrubber and you will get tons of hits. Most of my links went down when OG and HC died.
tanks alot bro
and one more question
what lime do you put in the soil
lime(fruit) or something else whats called lime
Just find something similar to the pic below.

only thing i can think of ,that will get rid of the smell completly, is a ordor nuetrilizer,its a little machine, you put on the wall,insert a ordor ball ,in let it go to work,there other ways ,but this one is more suficent

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