Snoop Dog Takes Weed to Whitehouse


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Sep 19, 2009
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Marijuana enthusiast Snoop Dogg took pot to the White House and slipped Obama’s butler a doobie

NOT even the most powerful man in the world can get between Snoop Dogg and a joint.
The rapper and well-known marijuana enthusiast has seemingly admitted he once smuggled weed into the White House while on an official visit.
During an interview with Andy Cohen on US talk show Watch What Happens Live, the 43-year-old performer was asked about the most high-profile event he’d been to while stoned.

Snoop Dogg seemingly confirmed he took marijuana with him to the White House and tried to find a bathroom to light up in. Picture: AP Source: AP

“The White House,” Snoop replied. “It was an awesome experience. It was one for the ages.”
Not even the extraordinarily tight security at President Barack Obama’s home could stop Snoop from taking some pot with him.

Cohen asked if the rapper snuck off to a bathroom to light up, and Snoop confirmed he had tried to.
“That’s where I was trying to get to. You know what I’m saying?”
It’s not the first time he has claimed to have painted the White House green — in a podcast last year, Snoop said he lit up in a bathroom during an unspecified visit.

In this latest revelation, he also spoke of meeting “the butler” at the White House, continuing: “I slid him a little somethin’ somethin’.”
He also admitted he smokes marijuana up to five times a day.

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