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Apr 4, 2005
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Whats a good soil fertilizer? I just started my soil grow and I want to get some good fert for veg and bloom. Thanks
people always diss mirical gro but I get good results use a 20-20-20 during vegg a 15-30-15 eraly flower and a 10-52-10 last weeks of flowering just one thime then flush the soil and its ok if the leaves start to die
do not use mirical gro. you want to use oreganic nuts if at all possible. if you have a grow site close to you go there (i don't mean a garden shop I mean a hydro grow shop) I have found that fox farm has been the best brand for me and a lot of others that I know
I use 'Peter's Professional', and have no problems. I say over fertilizing is the real killer.
I used none for this grow. The soil I used has some in it. But I just got some earth juice today w/ some fox farm organic and started 12 clones on 12/12. So In 8.5 weeks I'll let ya know how much better it is. Till then..... <shrug> The chem. ferts in the time release soil were good enough for the first go around.
Miracle Grow is harsh chemical's. Plus it has no magnesium.

Even worse is earth juice, which is uncomposted sewage.
Plus--greenfire, the makers of earth juice, had 2 growshops in central/N. Calif. and turned their customers into the cops.

Amended potting soil (soil with natural components like earthworm castings and seaweed) are good but need add'l nutrients during flowering.
Potting soil with chem. fertilizers already added aren't recommended, because plants have different nutrient needs at different stages of growth.

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