sparkling/crackling bud wen burned any ideas?

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Feb 28, 2006
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any body had nug wen smoked/burned had small sparkling effects like the firework sparklers. crackling like tiny poppings its so messed up looking like its tiny explosions. its almost like gunpowder or the stuff in wicks for cherry bombs or somehting. the nug is laced with what like flammable tiny explosive stuff?! this nug. all this might sound crazy but maybe i cant entirely explain wat is happening wen i pack bowls it like combusts in the bowl sparkling away moving around and shi tt. please any1 got any ideas lol
dam ur just high lol you might have seeds in ur nugs seeds make that popping noise
im smoking totally seedless bud
im 100 percent positive it has nothing 2 do with seeds
since there are no seeds in the bud
seeds pop, this is crackling/sparkling not poping exploding
the cherry small parts almost jump around
tiny embers crackle wen burned
its very screwedup
Here's the reason:
Lots and lots of chem nute's were used up until the day of harvest and the plants weren't flushed. The snap crackle pop is the chem's igniting.
It also wouldn't surprise me if the weed was also quick dried and uncured.
It could also be that the plants were sprayed with insecticide just before harvest.

Pot isn't supposed to do what yours does.
I wouldn't smoke it myself.
Or maybe the bud was transported in a container or something and what was in the container got into the buds. I agree with Ganja. I wouldn't smoke it if it rice krispies weed. (snap, cracle, pop)
ooh my
thanks alot for the knowledge
im sick of these amatuer growers just wanna sell their stuff
so much nug is poorly grown
such a loss in potential
i really appreciate ur incite/info knowledge smartness
lol rice krispy weed
i cant believe i bought 2gs of this crap

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