Special-Flavored Cannabutters

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Mar 27, 2005
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The following are origional recipes, just like the rest. They are cannabutter recipes to be used on sweetened desert recipes.

Strawberry Compound Cannabutter
12oz cannabutter
5oz pureed strawberries
Heat butter and strawberries together until blended. Then use in your favorite recipe.

Orange-Mango Compund Butter
12oz cannabutter
2oz orange juice concentrate
4-6 mangoes, pure'ed
Heat butter, orange juice and mango together until blended.

Maple Syrup-Pecan Butter
12oz cannabutter
2fl oz maple syrup
2oz toasted pecans.
Beat butter, syrup and nuts together until blended.

You can use all the recipes above for recipes, and then pour onto parchment or wax paper, flatten the buttermix onto the paper, roll up and you can freeze until you need it.

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