Spider Mites

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Feb 8, 2010
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In my 2 round i used one Hotshot Nopest Strip in the room. No pest problem at all.
Avid once in veg and my grows are all gravy. The nopest strips have a neurotoxin in them that is bad for you and your family/animals to breathe.

I use them in my boat after i cover it for the winter. But i do not go in it for 3-4 months.
They emit a dangerous chemical pesticide DDVP...:eek:
New Restrictions on Pest Strips in Residential Settings

The new label language for the larger strips will state that those strips cannot be used in homes, except in garages, attics, crawl spaces and sheds occupied for less than 4 hours per day. The only pest strip use allowed in the home will be the smaller strips for closets, wardrobes, and cupboards (16, 10.5, and 5.25 g). In addition, the manufacturer will stop making the 21-gram closet strip and replace it with a 16-gram strip reformulated with less active ingredient.

Other restrictions that are currently on the label, such as not to use in hospital rooms or closets of rooms where infants, children, and the sick or aged are or will be present for any extended period of confinement, will remain on the label.

Consistent with label directions, the large pest strips can continue to be used in boathouses, museum collections, animal buildings, milk rooms or enclosed areas occupied by people for less than four hours per day. They can also be used in unoccupied structures provided they are unoccupied for more than four months immediately following placement of a pest strip.

Doesn't sound like something "I" would want to ingest/consume.

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