Sure gel? Jello?

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Sep 6, 2005
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Alright, so I'm up for a fedral job drug test today (standard pee in a cup deal) and I read all those posts about sure gel, now, will this stuff clear me for real?? I also heard some people saying that jello would work to, that true Cincy? Anyone? I'm going to pick up some headshop detox too, just in case, but I NEED this job and I can't have a hint of failin' (this is how I get the chronic money hah). So... can I take the detox.. and maybe drink some jello? I don't know, I smoked about.. eh... half a blunt a day and I'm a 125lb 5'4" girl?? I'm worried this shit will stay in me for years :( HELP!
yes the suregel will work, do what cincy said, and detox will not remove it but make the drugtest come up as nuetral and it will not show up as if your clean or have thc but as nothing. and that's why i don't use detox anymore. plus it won't stay in you for years in yourpiss only 2 weeks, plus if you want faster results drink about 5-8 gallons of water in one day and it will be clear .

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