Tax evasion?????

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May 13, 2005
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The leader of the Marijuana Party in Nova Scotia was just fined $24,000 (CDN) for tax evasion. Nothin' suspicious here? Keep reading 'cause this is the dumbass part: He sold 4 kgs of weed a few years ago and DIDN'T DECLARE THE INCOME!! Canada Customs and Revenue said they don't care how a person makes money, whether legally or otherwise, they still have to declare it as income for taxes. And how did they know he had "undeclared income"?.....Earlier this year he was fined $258,000 for trafficking the above mentioned 4 kgs of marijuana. That is how bitchy the Canadian Government can be.
Well, the government has laws, and the government follows/enforced their laws. It makes perfect sense.

What really pisses me off is how stupid this guy is. If you're a political figure, the head of a party, and you're trying to get legitimacy for something illegal, you don't go and engage in blatantly illegal activities! He won't do anything useful for our cause if he's in jail. As much as I'm sure they'll call it an injustice, the mainstream political bodies don't listen to convicted criminals, whether we think the law is right or not!


Though I must say I'm amazed he was only fined for traffiking 4kg. That usually constitutes a jail sentence. He was very lucky (or just influential).
Maybe I should have explained it better. He is a medicinal user, not a dealer. He wasn't "blatant" about anything. Simply possesing that much is considered trafficking.
mahakala said:
He sold 4 kgs of weed a few years ago and DIDN'T DECLARE THE INCOME!!

I was going by that. If he's a medical user then he should be using it, not selling it.

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