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Milk Man

Boy do I love this time of year, leaves turning beutiful colors and falling all around me(hate raking), All the outdoor harvest floating around(sux to manicure all dat bud),Ice fishing will be here soon(dont like ta be cold),but all in all it was a great summer, I have my health and I'm partially free (I live in U.S.). May you all have a very merry fall and winter season! And if yer in da illinois wisconsin iowa region and like ta ice fish I.M. me we'll have ta go sometime...



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Sep 25, 2006
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Dixie land
Hey milk man indiana area here. Love to fish, Crappii fishing is my love. Ive never been ice fishing. I have had to break the ice to put the boat in. A lot of people just stop fishing when it gets cold but thats one of the best times to fish. I would a lot rather fish when its cold than to have to when its blazing hot. Glad you had a good season. I am having a lucky season. Lucky it turned out as good as it looks like its going too with the heat and the dry weather that i had to endure. Mississippi was so hot and dry this year i figured everything would die but low and behold i got lucky. Drop me a note. Hope to here from you soon. Slim

Reverend Willis

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May 16, 2006
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I have to agree with you Milkman. It's a great time of year with change in the weather and the backdrop of cool colors. Yes, and not to forget the bud harvests. I grow indoors but have several buddies who do the outdoor thing and they drop by to show off their doobage. It's the kickoff of the holiday marathon. Good health is certainly to be thankful for. It's all good.

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