Torturing a male for subsistance

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Aug 27, 2007
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Does anyone have an opinion on trying to keep a select male plant just barely alive for breeding over the long term?

We have a nice Sleestack male that we'd like to keep viable for a few crops. No resources or space to give it private full-service. We do have an old 400w halide we could rig for the male and keep it in the nursery with the babies. Figured to let it just barely exist to use as a clone father. It will get all freaky root bound and probably get tortured topped every month to keep it small.

Any opinions on the viability of pollen from an abused male plant?
Read the threads on bonsai growing plants. I believe you can keep a male around the same way as a female when they are grow in a bonsai style.
Just keep cloning it like you normally would a female... then it wont be tortured & can be kept as small as needed...
Why not just collect pollen for future pollination?

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