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ahhhaha i got it! I beat it but at 24 it guessed it. However, when I won, it said there was contradictions. What a sore loser! Though people taught it wrong, and the things they answered to their questions make those people morons. Like I did the city I live close to. they said it doesn't snow there, and in fact it does "sometimes". :)
haha not that it matters, but i thought it was funny and will note that mutts post was from 1/24/06 and i was the first to reply today. LOL
:rofl: diggin in the attic huh. :p
to be honest, i don't know WHY this showed up in my search results for a micro grow, but it did.
Dang...I never thought it would guess Mike Tyson, and it did. LOL.
I did it and once I chose Ny, Ny. One question was "was this city renamed?" and the answer is yes and it said it was taught that NY wasnt renamed by player. New York City was originally named "New Amsterdam". Thats just some knowledge for ya. People cant answer the questions correctly then the computer cant do it's job correctly. Still pretty awesome.
i dont know man. i did the thingy for music, and being a musician...i chose myself, but unfortunately that dang game knows more about me than i do...i think its an alien conspiracy...ALIEN, you conspiring? sorry, cut some more down tonight and had to smoke while cutting. happy banana dance>>>:banana:
I picked a small town in So. Cal. and it didn't guess it at all. Trying to have it game though....:fly::goodposting::bong2:

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