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Dec 7, 2023
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Well....The Prime Minister promised legislation to clarify and set forth Language for Cannabis Regs. He said that it would be ready and announced to the public on Jan 23rd. LMFAO. Its the 26th no word. This guy was sentenced to 10 years in Prison, by the KIng, 15 years ago. He went into exile for 15 years. Came back in 2022. Got a reduced sentence of 1 year, now he is prime Minister. He is behind the Human Rights Violations of the past. Like Murdering pot growers and long prison terms. The deputy Prime Minister is a Billionaire and the one who decriminalized Weed here. He has the Biggest Grow Operation. I dont think Thailand is going to get any more Cannabis Legislation for a very Long Time. Meanwhile the Profits of the Pot Industry for 3 months last summer was 800,000,000 USD and Growing. Weed Cafes, Dispensaries and Seed Banks are opening up all over the Country. Growers are expecting a Bumper crop of seeds this summer. Lots of "Tea Money" is being spread around. I think we are Good.

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