Weed legal in denver?

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"Safer ColoradO" has now implimented a state wide drive to get nough signatures to get the legalization initiative on the ballot as a staewide law :D
I like how it said that the state trumps the district laws.

My question is if statewide law is passed for legalization won't the feds political name the state law, like California and medical use?
..of course they will. But
"baby steps" are that..steps
Yes I totally agree with you. Any step no matter how small is good.
I am just saying:
Our govt. system is turning into a martial law state. Where we will be ruled by a police system that mimics the military's non-civilian tactics.. Any steps we make are good. but the toughest battle will always be with the Federal Govt.
We are basically living under the Roman Empire system of politics. Romans had a Senate-Representatives-President (aka Ceaser). The country was divided into states with a ruler over the district. Sounds familiar (God I love the history channel). They were ruled by there military.
It makes me sick that they preach Democracy when the United States is a Republic. you know "for the republic for which it stands". It is the wool they have been pulling over our eyes since day 1. :mad:
oops...that was a rant. sorry.
but look what ended up happening to the romans govt.

There's more money in it for "Ceasar", it remaining illeagal.
Tvert counters that Brown and other elected leaders are hypocrites for condemning pot while condoning alcohol use, despite studies showing that alcohol fuels deadly violence, car wrecks and abuse.

Brown said his office has been scorched by profanity-laced e-mails and phone calls - both local and out-of-state - from marijuana backers demanding: "How can you turn down what the voters have commanded?"

"But we've also had calls on the other side from people who are concerned about what this law means for our city and children of Denver.

"Candidly, it is an awkward position to be in, because when the voters speak, they speak," Brown said.
i thought we lived in a democrocy. :(

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