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First, I want to wish you all a happy 4/20! Please take some time today to enjoy your favorite strain, and celebrate with your community here on MarijuanaPassion.

We want to thank WeedseedExpress for an awesome giveaway! WeedseedExpress reached out for this giveaway, and I if you don't win today (even if you do) we ask you show this great sponsor our support. Follow this link now. They are running another promotion and its time to stock up.

As per the directions, 10 winners where chosen at random. Winners, you have 7 days to claim your prize. After seven days we will send WeedseedExpress your contact info and the strain you chose in your entry. Lets get this started;

1. spunom

2. Prospector

3. smokinwoody

4. TheBlackHydra

5. ness2

6. Fiefie920

7. Andrew

8. Kindbud

9. SubmarineGirl

10. Akitaone1

Again, winners, you have 7 days to claim your prize via private message to Admin, or MJ Passion. Please ne sure to include your shipping and contact info.

From WeedseedExpress, and MarijuanaPassion, we have a safe and happy day! Happy 4/20 to you all!

Winners, the clock has started!
We have a few members who failed to claim their prize, and WeedSeedExpress has asked us to hold another drawing for the remainder of the unclaimed prizes. There are five total prizes remaining. Using Random.org, a random number generator, we have selected the next set of winners.

1. Flower

2. BobHasBurgers

3. MiGrowB

4. Hippie420

5. Smoke

If you are one of the winners please contact me or MJ Passion to claim. Please include your contact and shipping information and confirm your choice of seeds.

From everyone at MarijuanaPassion, and WeedSeedExpress we thank you for your participation and patience as we wait for these new winners to claim.
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