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i have 2 plants that are 7 weeks in to veg and i'm going to start to flower them cause i don't want them to get too big. I heard it's best to let you plants gets 24 hours off dark before you switch to 12- 12 casuse it makes the plants take more in when they get light or something like that. Anyway i'm not sure what to do next, put them on 12-12 till they bud and are ready?



Yes, you should leave your lights off 24-36hours before you switch to 12/12, but I think you can just switch it to 12/12 without even having your lights off for 24-26hours.
430 watt HPS, I have them in a dark place, tomorrow i will turn on 12- 12, then what, wait till they bud?
I don't know yet, i was told you need to wait till 2 weeks into 12 -12, but my feeling are good, :D My last grow went wrong i went from 24 to 18-6 to 12-12 to 18-6 then back to 12-12 and i had a female. This is my second indoor grow.
lol, not really sure, there seed that i just have gotten given to me, lol,, I was looking in to buying some but not sure where to turn , don't want to get riped off. I live in ontario, not easy to find.
The 24 - 36 hour Dark period will make them show sex faster. If they are both female, depending on the strain, 6 to 8 weeks from the day you put them in 12/12 they will be about done. Go to raido shack and get a lighted 10x microscope (about 8 bucks). Chekc the trihomes on the buds. When they are clowdy, they are just about ready and will give a good mind high, When they are amber it will be the best and give more of a body high. I'm doing mine when half are amber. for a good mix.

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