White Shark cultivation


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Jun 25, 2020
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Feminized White Shark hemp

It is successfully produced by Green House Seed Company, a Dutch company producing affordable feminized marijuana seeds, which is notable for its small size, short flowering period and special flavor qualities. Almost all growers note a pronounced fruity flavour, which is dominated by the aroma of pineapple. In terms of genetic composition, this cannabis is a hybrid with a predominant amount of Indica.

The prestige of the variety has been proven by the prestigious Cannabis Cup competition, which was awarded in different years. This shows that the cannabis variety White Shark is not losing ground and is rightly considered one of the strongest strains in the Green House Seeds range.

White Shark marijuana: Genetics and cultivation methods

The genetics of the variety began with a cross between cannabis Super Skunk and marijuana White Widow, which originated in the Brazilian Sativa and Indica from southern India. The selection was accompanied by long and painstaking experiments, during which the breeders of the company received an excellent variety, which over time has gained worldwide fame.

White Shark can be cultivated both indoors under special lamps and outdoors in the natural environment. Breeders should be vigilant, as the variety presented here requires constant attention and reverence for themselves. In order to obtain a quality harvest, you need to pay particular attention to the humidity regime. Even a slight exaggeration of the maximum permissible humidity instantly leads to the appearance of mould on the inflorescences!

This can be a tragic disappointment in anticipation of the future harvest. The average flowering cycle is between 60 and 65 days. If growing in the open air, farmers are planning the harvest period for mid-October. The plant cannot tolerate significant temperature fluctuations, especially if the lower mark drops below 0. In this case, instead of a coveted feminized plant, you may get a low quality hermaphrodite!

Productivity of the variety

Yields of this variety of medical marijuana range from 400-600 grams of dry weight of ripe inflorescences from 1 (one) meter square in a room, and outside in the summer sun the yield is much higher and weighs between 300 and 800 grams per adult plant. THC levels average 15%, which allows the White Shark strain to be used as an effective tool for suppressing various types of pain. The effect is felt more physically than psychologically. A slight numbness in the extremities and total relaxation of the whole body of a smoker is possible.

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