will all this rain drown my plants ?

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Aug 11, 2005
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hello fellow planters . wonder if all this rain from hurricane katrina will drown my plants and if theres anything like baking soda that i can apply thickly to help dry roots up ? i am in the lower ohio valley were we got app 1in of rain today and were exspecting 7 or 8 more inches by the time the aftermath hits us . just wondering if not if it would hurt to exsperiment like a bag of all purpose flower or baking soda . just somen to help dry up soil after rain .????????????????
Hey Skunk. So, I'm not the best person to field your question because I'm basically a noob. Allow me to suggest, however, that you just make sure that soil is not washed away around the roots. Sounds like trying to keep it dry with baking soda might be a losing battle. The main thing is to make sure the plants aren't washed away at all. Might even want to put some potting soil around the plant to replace any soil that's been washed away and to absorb water.

Hopefully, you'll get a better suggestion from an expert. By the way, have you had a chance to look at your plants since the downpour started? If so, does everything look okay now?
One more thing to be wary of: I believe baking soda will change the pH of the soil, although I'm not sure if it will push it up or pull it down.
I wouldn't recommend putting anything in or on the soil. Whatever you use is going to leach into the root zone and could cuse problems.
If your drainage is good, they should survive. Though myself have never encountered 6-10 inches of rain in a single storm. My advice would be to attempt to trench around them, so at least they aren't standing, or lieing as the case may be, in the water.
Wishin' you luck, "stinky"
well tx. but first my plants have a root base app 4 in in diameter not to worried about that . and your right now that i think about it baking soda has carbonate in it i use it sometimes too raise the ph in my pool . second my plants will be soaking in water that was my worry a cure after water runs out to help dry . my whole front and back yard floods . cant do any thing about it water will sit 4 3 days after a big rain . whole street has bad drainedge causing the area to flood .the heavy rain hasnt hit just yet any minute now . anything i atemt to put on now i know will wash off i was talking after the water goes down and my plant start dying from rot something that will help dry out roots then . thanks for trying guys . i may put a lil fresh topsoil on top after wards though.
cut a 2' wide circle of plastic from a garbage bag.
Use scissors to make a cut from the edge to the center of the circle.
Make a notch same diameter as the stalk at the base. Place this on the ground.
Overlap the cut area.

Also, it might not be a bad idea to stake the plants. Budded plants heavy with rain can cause a plant to tip over.
thanks guys . its over with now we missed it . i am so happy now .we still got about 4 30 min gully washers at a time but not enough to flood ill probably still try that plastic deal . ground still saturated . maybe try a little dry top soil under it thanks

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