Woke up, got out of bed...

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Aug 10, 2023
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...and turned on GRIT TV for white noise (like usual) as I go through my normal morning routine of coffee, news, and an apple turnover or a bagel.

The 6AM movie is one I've never seen before entitled "The Dalton Girls" (1957). It was filmed around Kanab, Utah - near the Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon area. If you've never seen the area...put it on your bucket list. Amazing, breathtakingly beautiful country. Actually, all of that part of the country is.

Anyway, my ex wife (whose vile name shall not escape my mouth) was of Dalton lineage. Her mom was a full-blooded Dalton of Dalton Gang infamy. Apparently there's something in the water out there, because the ex was also attractive trouble, walking on two legs.

Her third husband met her full wrath when she tried to burn their house down with him in it, then took shots at him as he ran out of the front door. That incident, along with her writing prescriptions to herself and other nefarious misdeeds, ended up causing her to do some hard time for her exploits.

Like I've said, I always liked 'em a little on the Wild Side. Heh. I guess you could say I had a natural attraction to HOTLAWS.



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