Wonkas Outdoor Shenanigans of 2024.

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Wingin' it!
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Nov 17, 2023
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New York
Figured it was time to start this since my Outdoor season is kicked off already.

For the lineup this year we have
9 Beast Mode autos from @Carty
9 GDP autos from @Carty, both gifted by @Jan Borrego

3 Sweet Devil testers from Greenpoint Seeds

2 Triple Cheese autos i won, they came from Anesia.

1 Garlic Stash v21 from Dragons Flame Genetics.

Feel free to derail this train in any direction ya want, any and all comments/posts are welcome here!
It's a free for all!
I hope you get a Beast Mode like mine. I only planted 3 because I was trying them all so I got 2 males and only one Female. But what a female I got the biggest plant I ever grew including photos. Last year I hit 5 ft with a few plants. Was on trac for bigger but the dog are my honework😭😭😭
If you look I am moving the beans from Carty outside right now it is Maui waui, Pink Mango X GDP and NL they are outside already. I will be planting more of the autos in July inside so they can go outside in August when I add to the garden. I will be culling males and adding to keep 24 outside at all times. Any bean I get from Carty will he added to the thread Beans from Carty. I will just keep adding yo the same thread. Right now I have WW from last fall my seed run I did. She is sitting next to Beast Mode. Both of them are trees and I painted 2 branches of each with Beast Mode pollen. When I harvest those I will plant some and send some to Carty. He is way better than me ( for now…lol) at gardening. I am a good listener and a quick study with following instructions. Yes it won’t happen over night. May even take me some years but each and every grow is getting better. I have the buds to prove it. Pulling of all the lower larf and tiny popcorn buds really made a difference in bud size all around almost all the buds were huge and the smaller buds were even way to big to be called popcorn. I will keep clearing out the crap to get the big nice buds. Me likey likey!
I have c99 and pineapple skunk that needs to go outside. Going to try and mix a c99 and pineapple skunk if possible. C99 mom and pineapple skunk dad. Unless I only get males from C99 then I harvest pollen. I was gifted 20 c99 beans from 2016. 3 out of 5 sprouted 2 are up One is just sitting there you can see the green poking through the soil but it is just sitting there. The c99 came from X I traded something I don't remember what.

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