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Your comments: N.J. Assembly to vote to reduce marijuana penalties


Jul 25, 2008
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Your comments: N.J. Assembly to vote to reduce marijuana penalties

The state Assembly plans to vote today on a bill that would reduce the penalties of possessing less than half an ounce of marijuana. Gov. Chris Christie has said he would veto the bill. The bill would replace criminal penalties with fines for those caught with fewer than 15 grams of marijuana — or enough for more than 30 joints.
Under the proposed legislation, a first offense would draw a $150 fine, a second offense a $200 fine, and a third $500. In addition, violators under 21 caught with marijuana or adults busted three times would have to attend a drug education program. Those caught with paraphernalia would face a $100 fine. users are discussing the legislation and Christie's plans to veto the bill. user Marc Shakter writes:
I don't get how politicians can be so out of touch with reality. Over 50 percent of people try pot in their lifetime. It's an easy bet that over half the state either thinks it should be legal or that it should be decriminalized totally. Even the police will often confiscate pot and look the other way if it's obvious the person isn't dealing. If that's the case, then why veto it? My guess is because prisons are an industry. Maybe people should look at the income prisons produce and compare it to financial projections for legalizing marijuana and then make a decision.​
Should state officials make the penalty for possessing small amounts of marijuana like a traffic ticket? Respond to these and other comments by jumping directly to the comments section of the article.

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