Zoo Man.

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Dec 3, 2009
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My other half just read an item on the net.
Bristol England. Bloke worked at the car park for 25 years charging a quid for cars and £5 for coaches/buses. One day he didn't turn up for work, so the Zoo people rang the council to see if he was ok, they said he don't work for us he is employed by the Zoo!!!
No record of him, no name.......Zilch.

25+ years at an estimated £500 per day, 7 days a week!!

7 Mill estimated!!

Way to go...
That is awesome! I prob would have retired after 10 years though.
proud of him whoever he is,,, quit a good scam to if you had all the get up on no 1 would bat an eye at you ha ha,,,, wish i had lil scam going times hard my way and with a young family just geting harder cash used to be so esay to come by easy come easy go now days cant get no work with the resecion hiting uk and imigration messed up my end [construction] ,,,, thers been time resently iv felt like pulling on a balie claver then my sences come and i know jail time would be hell away from my kids and wife..[j]

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