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Things are active again. I planted a blue mystic seed and see a problem. It looked like, to me, that there was a ph issue maybe locking out some nutes. I don't know, so instead of growing confused, I choose to do little to nothing although I did top dress with lime and crossed my fingers. I see a female preflower so she's a keeper for now. The two healthy girls (I assume) in the bottom of the picture were planted in the same soil and not showing signs like the blue mystic. They are my cross of BBxNL x BBxNL. They look just like the mother. The BBxNL cross are about 140 cm and have 10+ nodes, but not alternating. In the past it has been a good sign of a female if it hasn't showed sex by the seventh node.
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Just harvested my girl and the remainder of material goes into the buckets to be reused.

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