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    My posts show up on google

    stoney you're hilarious :D
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    new here

    welcome flyhi but is there something wrong with your keyboard? :p
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    whatsup yall

    welcome to the friendliest cannabis site on the net ;)
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    Looking for simple answers to not so simple questions

    these are the most noobie friendly forums on the net wikkedsun, if your questions are being responded to with a link that would usually mean it's basic knowledge, a question that's been answered 1 million times, or the answer is subjective. searching isn't hard dude :) besides some of the...
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    High Everyone

    welcome tugboat :) looking forward to maybe learning something from you and hopefully see some of ur grows!
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    I'm new, so show some love!!!!!

    welcome to MP dude...much love :D
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    Newb here

    welcome to MP, there's a LOT of good stuff to read here :cool:
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    welcome berserker :) all you need to do is read this site and maybe a couple others, get some grow books at like borders or barnes & noble, and do mad research online ;) growing isn't easy (especially constructing a flawless grow area).
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    Recommended hardy outdoor strains?

    ok this is what's on my to do list for outdoors now: NL Passion #1/Amstel Gold Purple Power skunk #1 and some type of outdoor mix.
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    Hi from Ventura

    yeah GA is so can blow ;) welcome to MP btw.
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    Howz it

    welcome to MP, hey i found this site through google also when i was searching for......damn i forgot what i was searching for but it was obviously something about bud :D
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    Puff Puff Pass that BluntFullOfKush

    welcome to MP dude! ...i wish i was in the position to start a indoor grow but i'm not right now :(
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    Now is the time..

    that's good advice for me. i'm not really educated on outdoor growing so....mold resistant strains that can endure heat is what i'll be looking for for now since i can't do anything indoors. plus like you said the sun is a powerful free light.
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    Recommended hardy outdoor strains?

    ^ even in the south would you recommend not going with a pure sativa? the summers last a while here...nice temps running into late oct. someone suggested somewhere else that i get an outdoor mix. i think i'll scoop up one of those for next season in addition to the other strains i...