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    Your favorite movie!

    I love the movie.. To Sir with love.. such a classic.
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    what kind of led grow lights are you using now?

    Timber Grow Lights.. 3x 300 vero 29 cobs.
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    List and reviews of U.S. Seedbanks

    I am growing Southern Oregon Seeds Blueberry now.. and have ordered a few times from them.. always get free seeds and products.. i will shop no where else if they keep treating me well.. good genetics.. good service.. every seed has germinated..and the Blueberry smells awesome..
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    Which light should i use

    Took me a couple years to get my set up.. one piece at a time.. just the way it has to be done if you live on a budget.. thats why i buy quality because i cant afford do overs.. i always lived by " you get what you pay for" philosophy.. it has always reigned true for me..hope your dreams come...
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    Which light should i use

    Relax man.. i said nothing about china..i said they use the cheapest parts possible for the greatest profit margin possible. The way it has always been with Chinese products.. the lights will work fine, just saying you get what you pay for, and eventually Bruce will be replacing them for...
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    Which light should i use

    Dont buy cheap chinese lights you will regret it.. i would suggest these DIY lights. Far superior to all those gimmick blurple crap. They will grow but they are made very cheaply. Check these out.. timber grow lights. You can buy them and easily put them together.. all color coded and super...
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    Best portable dry herb vaporizer

    I have tried a few.. my favorite for ease of cleaning and use is the Firefly 2. Has an app that goes with it.. once you learn the technique of how it works it gives nice hits. Good little unit. Although a little pricey.. ( any good one is) get what you pay for.
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    What is your favorite breakfast drink?

    Guess I'm the only person that drinks orange juice anymore.
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    High Heat Low Humidity

    Light here is down to 14hr 44min.. Maybe its a little hotter under there but with a fan when it's scorching hot out they do well. The plastic is not only a cover but also my protection from the wind as it can be very breezy here in the evenings. Last year one of my plants took a beating just...
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    High Heat Low Humidity

    Mine are under 6 mil plastic cover.. One near the top had begun to wilt a little.. Been hot as **** here in the PNW.. Near 100 everyday the last couple of weeks.. I placed a fan on them and within an hour they had totally recovered.. I think circulation is an important factor to consider. Hot...
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    Sea-90... Anyone use it?

    I use this product. Good stuff. From Black Lake Organics. I use their soil and sea crop.. Thats it.. Nothing else.. Results always exceed expectations... Easy peasy..
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    Beware--Street and Porch Lights

    Thanks for replying
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    Beware--Street and Porch Lights

    One more question, if the plants dont have direct line of site would the light from a flood lamp affect them from 75 feet away?
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    Beware--Street and Porch Lights

    Would the headlights of my car coming down my driveway at night affect the cycle. The plants would get hit with light from my headlights for 30 or 40 seconds if coming home at night.
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    Electrical Question

    The breakers do say 50 on them. Would I be putting a panel in the new location fed by the 220 and running my outlets from the new panel?