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    Misanthropy Gardens

    Nice work! That White Pie tho...beautiful structure on that bud.
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    Island Of Misfits

    Silver FTW. Then trade it for gold when GSR gets to 60-1 Been a LONG time since I have been on the site, lots of changes it looks like. I saw the Misfit thread and thought, sounds like me. Keep it green and healthy.
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Hi All! Hope everyone is doing well! Keef...don't be wanting legalization, you just might be getting it I see. It's a lot more work and hassle, that's for sure. Not complaining though, they let me grow copious amounts! I had a few pics to throw up of some newer strains we have been running. The...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Hi All! Hope all is well with the OFC! I think I can claim a stake here now...I turned 50! Never thought I would make it. Been catching up a bit on the thread. Hemp is going crazy. I consulted on a few farms here in cali and for now, imho, clones are the way to go. The reason being is that the...
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    California Marijuana Growers Are Producing So Much Weed They Could Crash the Market

    This article is a little misleading, imho. There is a glut of greenhouse being pumped over on the coast, but most doesn't even pass testing and the bulk is going to Distillate, which has caused the price of Distillate to plummet. Alot of the greenhouse is being jared up and sold to...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    I hear ya. I did try. It saddened me to see that post, among others, stating that I made fun of you, which I didn't. We are all grown adults, and sometimes it is difficult to hear something negative about something that you have so much passion for. You see first hand, my friend, the level of...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Hi Folks...been a while since I have been on. Started reading through the thread and came across this. Lets get one thing straight first and foremost. I never said anything about Umbra's skills, because I am too nice. It was my buyer, along with my wife I must say. My wife was frustrated that I...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Good evening all! Hope everyone is doing well. Can't believe we are in November, year has flown by. Keepin' my nose to the grindstone and trying to navigate this legalization business. End of the day, we are still just growing the herb we love! Here is a pic I just took of a Purple...
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    Growing Applications

    What's happening Tech. There are quite a few Track and Trace programs out there that we are going to have to implement. They track all inputs and follow the supply chain to thru retail sales.
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Great Pics Keef! Hope everyone is doing well. Thought I would stop by and say HIGH! I start swingin' hammers in Jan on a couple of new spots, big shows. I'll share some pics when I get going. Anyone going to Vegas for the trade show next month?
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    No licenses have been issued at all. They are looking at issuing 61 licenses. The date on the Regs is actually the date of the Board of Supervisors meeting, which is today. Why go through all this to get regulated? Survival, and the ability to make legit money on the plant we all love.
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    Too much pot in California

    I have read that a few weeks ago too. IMHO, totally misleading. We all know that Cali produces mass quantities of herb, as we always have for decades. The difference is now you have to be a LICENSED producer to supply a licensed dispensary. The bulk of what is being produced is being done by...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Hope all is well Keef and D.D.Logged in to check on you guys...glad you guys are safe! Keep High and Dry!
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    Are Commercial Growers Using Computer Technology in Their Grow Ops?

    Hi Hackerman I see a lot of financial statistical programs being developed for cannabis, but not too much for the actual cultivation aspect. I like the idea. For me, I would love to monitor PAR values and room conditions for each room. Keeping a record of those items would be a big help. A...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop by and apologize for going nuts in the thread that was closed. It's the old 4chan troll in me that rears it's head now and again. Hope all is well with everyone and may your lights shine bright and your grass stay green!