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    what is the best time to grow in california?

    Honest answer : Unless you light dep your crop. June 5th is when outdoor growers in northern cali ( the 15-20 that I know ) throw their plants outside. I believe thats when the plant gets enough sun to not flower but grow. This is like Trinity county area.
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    What do you guys think of using vinegar to lower ph?

    Yea it will work, im not to sure for how long but it will do.
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    HPS starting at 12/12 or slightly after?

    If i was you i'd just switch it right when you flip your lights over to 12/12... Thats what ive always done and will continue to do.
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    how to lower humidity without de-humidifier?

    i live n the mountains, lots of snow/rain, i have no dehumid, all i do is curculate the air with two 16" fans and i have 6 & 6 " intake/outtake fans my humidity is 40% right this second
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    Foil walls for lights?

    Also Mylar is a pain the the behind to keep clean and perfect were as paint ha its so easy
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    First grow, Jack herer on 1000's

    Well i cut em down i am half way done trimming them, off of three plants I have gotten seven and a half oz so far! cant wait to see the final quantity!!
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    Well heres the story, I was with two of my friends in one of there cars and I was in the back seat, coming back from california we got stopped in Medford Oregon and the car was searched and they found 22lbs and 4 lbs of hash, arrested us, didnt take us to the jail didnt finger print us, released...
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    Powder mildew.... again...

    I just got rid of pm for the most part all I used was an organic powder you add to water called GreenCure, you can use that all the way up to harvest, but it says it controlls it, doesnt completely get rid of it in your room, i think....
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    1st grow ever

    She does have nice nails.....
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    Need some help

    It could be heat stress or light bleeching, is it crispy or soft?
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    First grow, Jack herer on 1000's

    Thanks everyone !! I am dying with anticipation for sure!! This is my first soil grow ! Everything else I did was in like a DWC but way small and not as good for sure... so I have like 6-7 more days until I give em the chop!
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    First grow, Jack herer on 1000's

    PM is basically all gone, I think there might maybe be a sign or two of mites ive been tryin to rinse em off good without gettin the buds wet, hope its helpin this close I cant really do anything.... they are gunna get the chop in ten days