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Nov 17, 2023
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This isn't a post to fling shit.

If anyone has ordered from Dragons Flame Genetics and not receiving your order, I would be in contact immediately.

I've been waiting since 4/19 for an order from him.
I'm a staff member at another forum where he has been a verified vendor and we had to pull his tag today. Many of the members have outstanding orders from him and no contact.

So just a buyer beware!!

Can you leave this up and just lock it?
If not I understand. Just don't want anyone losing out.
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A dedicated thread to this would prob be helpful to seed buyers. Them things cost a lot of money.
He says he's 10,000% ginna get me my seeds and he posted on his Discord server these were going out Friday (yesterday)

So I hope my order is here next week or the following.
If things turn around and he makes well on everything I'll make an update but still.
Buyer beware lol. Just seems crazy to me he was just featured in Skunk magazine amd then this all happened. I really wanna hope things just went haywire in his life like he says.

Brain tumor, hospital overdosed him, his dog died, his dad died, idk if any of its true, I'd hope none of it was a lie but seems he's had a lot going on but still not an excuse.
I been waiting on a sissy bar and gel seat for a dyna from Louisville, KY to Springfield, IL from the USPS and it has been 20 days since the initial order, and the package has tracking attached to it. Hasn't moved with in the St. Louis hub since the 17th. - They keep upping their stamp charges though. fuchers . Filled out complaint and lost reports this morning. They still showing it's all just sitting in STL. Kind of in limbo but not for long I hope. Getting ready to purchase a chiller but you get leery of on-line purchases when this kind of stuff happens or keeps happening.
So order mustve been stolen at the post office.
Not once. But twice.

Sooooo if that's the case......

Why did the package he "sent" on MAY 3rd that was "stolen" just update to arriving June 29th?
Cause he's a LIAR that's how.

Buyer stay away...
And here's the second packages tracking info from June 5th to show I'm not full of shit lol.
So I gotta say.
Even tho it took 2 months, the dude hooked it up.

I only ordered 1 pack. He sent me 5. He says he swears by his stuff and any issues anyone has will be fixed as he backs his stuff 10000%. I guess he's just been having a really really hard time with life and has too many irons in the fire to boot. I've never ever heard anything bad about DFG, so this 2 month wait really threw me off so bad.
I just hope he is not a seed chucker and grew a bunch of dudes all the same seeds in pretty label packs
People still suck ,
I have gone thousand of seeds by accident of shitty weed
Man I should have sold them .

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