18/6 or 24 photoperiod?

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Jan 15, 2006
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Thankyou to everyone who takes time to give knowledge to those who seek it. I am starting my second crop. Last time I used 24 hours constent light. Just would like some feed back of pros and cons of 18/6 versus 24. The only thing I have read on it is if elec. bill isn't an issue us 24.
From the info i've gathered i've learned that the plants in veg state don't need darkness yet, and that light is the main factor of how fast they grow. So this being said it is more sensible to keep them on a 24/7 schedule so they can grow faster.Only when they are ready to bud should the light be cut back to 12/12. I could be completely wrong but i'm pretty sure this is true.
one reason I like the 24/0 hr veg schedule is that you dont have to have any timers on the lights.
Yes, 24 hour light can make your plants grow up to 30% quicker
First timer here fellas. I have 4 growing right now. Stuck their pretty FEMALE (hoping) heads out of the soil just shy of 3 weeks ago. Each has two rounded leaves on bottom and two larger pointy leaves at top and are about 5 inches tall. They are on a 24/7 schedule.

Question is: I want these chicks to grow large. I have a large space for them to flourish. How high should I let them grow until I move them to 6 hours of dark then 12 hours of dark? They are looking kind of spindly right now and if they keep growing, might topple over??


You''ll want to create a new thread for this question. As it sounds like you don't have enough light. This will require us knowing your set up. This thread was discussing light schedules. Also it sounds like you don't have adequate breeze to help them grow a strong stem.

Typ. 24 hours on light or 18 on and 6 off. for veg. for about 1 1/2 months to 2 months. (you looking for alternating nodes, as this shows the signs of the plants maturity). The strain also plays a factor in this timeline.

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