Tacoing leaves

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Will Mayo

Jun 26, 2023
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I've already read through a lot of the forums already on this topic. And nothing that anyone else was doing was exactly my situation. So I'm not exactly a beginner. But I have taco leaves. I'm going to start off by saying what my road conditions are like. I am growing outdoors, I have my plants in the ground, I dug about 3 ft down, lined it with chicken wire, then filled it with first manure in the bottom, some potting soil mixed with pearlite, and then on the top I put Fox farm coco choir. I first started them in pots and then I transplanted them up two times until I put them in the ground with microryza fungi. When they were in the pots they were in Coco. I'm in San Diego and temperatures are 75°/61°. The soil that I put them into is a living soil. I feed them a compost tea that I brew for anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days. The compost tea I feed them consists of Alaska fish fertilizer, microbe life plus c, worm castings, and molasses. All water I give them is dechlorinated. I usually set the pH to between 6.5 and 6. I have three plants in the ground and I have one plant in a fabric pot. The fabric pot one also has some leaves that are tacoing. Because it's warm outside I've been watering them everyday but I've been splitting one gallon of water between four plants. The leaves on the bottom of the plants are not tacoing but the ones on the top are. I am in the process of lollipopping them and super cropping. I recently defoliated them so they get plenty of air flow and they get plenty of sunlight. I don't know what the issue could be. This is my first time growing in a living soil also. I usually just gross synthetic but I heard that organic was way better. And I want to give it a try. I'm just not used to this slow uptake thing. I'm used to instant results. I am curious if I should flush it. I'm worried to flush it though because what if overwatering is the issue and I just make it worse. When I put my fingers into the soil about 3 in down it feels pretty moist. But I did already water today. No other discoloration on the leaves. No burns, all healthy looking leaves with nine pedals per leaf


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are they in a hot or humid environment? I’ve seen them cup like that from heat. I have never grown in living soil before you could search our site for it I’m sure many have and it could have something to do with it. My plants directly in the ground do not need to be watered as often. I like you check with the fingers in the soil method
They don’t look bad to me. Do the leaves settle back to normal after the sun isn’t on them directly? Another thought since the one in the pot is looking odd, could the root zone be getting too warm(like if you have it on decking or a patio)?
Subbie is on point. Use a shade cloth and try and get a gentile fan blowing across the tops of the plants.
That was something I was considering was adding a shade and perhaps a fan even though it's outside. But I asked Chat GPT just now. And she said that super cropping could actually be the cause. Because I only just super cropped them the other day. And it might be the plants response to the stress. And which case if they should flatten out in a couple of days is what she said.
They don’t look bad to me. Do the leaves settle back to normal after the sun isn’t on them directly? Another thought since the one in the pot is looking odd, could the root zone be getting too warm(like if you have it on decking or a patio)?
No it's not that. I'll just take a picture and show you rather than try to describe it. Maybe I'm freaking out over nothing. I have had this issue in the past. And all I did to remedy was add cal-mag. But the nutrients that I'm giving it already Have Cal mag in them. But I was thinking maybe since none of them have Cal mag in them on the label (I had to dig deep to find what the micronutrients were). Maybe I should just get something that's straight up Cal mag. But I'm trying to do straight organic. So I guess I would put Epsom salt and crushed up eggshells. I also put silica on them too. And that has to be at a pH of like 8 which is way out of the ballpark as far as where you want your pH levels to be. And you can't mix silica with any other nutrient it has to just be by itself and it's pretty alkaline water. That also could be a factor I don't know. I've never used it before


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Just because your nutes have CalMag doesn't mean it's enough CalMag to make the plant happy.
Heat can cause your issue though.
I honestly don't see anything wrong with your plants in those pictures brother.
we do too….it’s like a plague this year , thousands of tiny hoppers hatching out everywhere

at the homestead no problems , chickens take care of them

but at Swedes place , no chickens , yet……may have to bring mine over to clean up a few of those devils


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