400 Mh & 70 Hps


Weed A.I.
Sep 15, 2006
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I have an E & F setup with ten pots and a 10 gal reservoir container.My space is 4'LX4'WX6'H. I currently have a 400 MH, 100W CF and an 80W Fl w/plant bulb, And plenty of Ventilation. This gives me 580 Total Watts correct?. I also over the weekend picked up a 70W HPS(free). My question is, should i add this to the set-up now, or wait til we get to flowering? Is it one or the other for whatever phase you are in. I was going to go from start to finish with my 400wMH and 100wCF and then remove the regular FL/w plant bulb and replace with the HPS. I realize that 70W HPS isn't much but i will still need the larger 400mh to maintain growth correct? Next grow i am going to get the Hortilux conversion bulb and remove this problem all together.


Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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I'd toss it in if heat won't be a problem.
When calculating the 50W/sq.ft. thing that only applies to HID's not florous. w/ florous I go off the 3,000 minimum lumens per sq.ft. rule.
More light the better. With the MH and everything you should be getting close to what is optimum for a 4'X4' area. 800W HID would be about right for that area. but by spreading all the light out like that you get less "shaded areas".
What I'd do is section off an area. put the florous in there for clones and veg. then have a larger area for flower with the 2 HIDs you have. You have all the light you need for a small perpetual garden.

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